Collection: DR. NL CERAMIDE 4% CREAM (50ML)

DR. NL Ceramide 4% Cream

Containing high content of ceramide(4%) along with blend of soothing ingredients help in moisturizing and protecting skin lipids from harmful environmental factors.

#Skin Benefits#
Contains high Content Ceramide 4% 
Focus on strengthen the skin barrier to help quick skin recovery, Deep and strong moisturizing effect.
Contains Growth Factor 
Helps promote fibroblasts and helps strengthen skin barrier.
Contains Madecassoside
Soothe irritated, redness and sensitive skin
Activating collagen synthesis and improving skin elasticity. Fast skin texture improvement.
Comfortable skincare with carefully selected Dr.Linde Soothing Complex extract nature.

#Main Ingredients#
Ceramide 4%, EGF, Cica
Certificate : CPNP, Hypoallergenic test
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